Mary Britton Senseney

Mary Britton Senseney has been a prominent force in the editorial field for more than 10 years. After leaving Time Inc., she has gone on to produce widely-consumed content for lifestyle brands such as Southern Living, Cooking Light, Country Living, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Weight Watchers, Food Network, Beringer Vineyards and more. 

Mary Britton is a versatile photographer with expertise in the product, environmental, and interior categories, but she is best known for stunning food photography. With a deep understanding of visual brand storytelling and styles that range from light and minimalistic to moody and complex, she has a knack for masterfully conveying any given narrative.


Elizabeth Demos

Designer, content creator, and photo stylist Elizabeth Demos is an innovator that welcomes creative challenges. Her work spans from print, digital, and broadcast media to multi-channel advertising campaigns. Leading brands such as HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and Southern Living have enlisted her canny skill set to flawlessly deliver content. In 2017 Elizabeth signed on as lead designer for the DIY Network sweepstakes home Ultimate Retreat. 

With a keen eye for color and fresh approach to design, Elizabeth infuses a vintage aesthetic into every production. Her long-standing relationships with antique dealers, artists, and retail purveyors provide Elizabeth with an endless supply of unique resources.


Ashley Strickland Freeman

Ashley Strickland Freeman is a 2017 IACP award-winning food stylist, recipe developer, author, and editor. With a degree in journalism from The University of Georgia and a degree in Culinary Arts from The French Culinary Institute, she has developed content for more than 45 publications. Her portfolio includes work from brands such as Southern Living, Coastal Living, Cooking Light, Health, Terra's Kitchen, Dove Chocolate, and Wonderbread, to name a few.

With experience in all areas of food content production–from the test kitchen to the copy desk–Ashley has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of cookbook publishing.